4 Best Reasons to Buy Egyptian Cotton Sheets For Quality Bedding

Everyone looks for comfort when it comes to buying bed linen so that they can sleep peacefully after a tiring day. Choosing bed linens can be one of the most difficult tasks that people face. With so many different types of bed linens available on the market, people find it confusing to make the right choice. However, the popularity of the Egyptian cotton sheet can never be overlooked. After all, it sets a gold standard among all. So, a whole lot of people go straight for these sheets without giving a second thought. But, it’s important to buy genuine Egyptian cotton to yield all its benefits. Because genuine Egyptian cotton is a unique cotton type that is grown in perfect condition. So, it offers a long fiber staple that helps to produce high-quality bed linen. However, there are several reasons behind the growing popularity of Egyptian cotton. Let’s take a look at the following, 

1. It Doesn’t Create Pilling

The best part of Egyptian cotton sheets is that it doesn’t create piling. Piling can be seen easily in low-quality bed sheets that have lower thread counts. Not only these are unsightly but also it is extremely uncomfortable. However, the fibers of the Egyptian cotton plants are generally longer. Hence, it prevents the pilling in the bed linens. Rather, one can enjoy the comfort of gloriously soft and durable Egyptian cotton sheet king every night. 

2. Thread Count

People can easily evaluate the quality of a bedsheet by checking its thread count. The higher the thread count is, the better the quality will be.  Generally, the thread count indicates the unit measure like the fill power in a comforter. It assesses the total number of threads that are woven into each square inch of the fabric. Due to the long staples, the Egyptian cotton sheets have higher thread counts than any other sheets. 

3. Exceptional Breathability

People who have suffered from sleep disturbances or night sweats know the significance of breathability when it comes to bed sheets. Breathability is the quality that allows the air to flow through the bedsheets. It means one can sleep comfortably without any discomfort if the sheet offers breathability. But, the lower quality sheets don’t offer this quality. Therefore, people suffer from night sweats, sleep disturbances, and many more. However, Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their exceptional breathable quality. This is one of the reasons that contribute to its growing popularity. 

4. Durability

There’s no denial in saying that Egyptian cotton lasts longer than any other sheets. This is the reason why people prefer buying this sheet even when these are highly expensive. But, it comes value-packed. The long staples and the tight fiber’s weave make the sheet last long. But, it should be maintained properly to use it for a long time. 

Moreover, there are innumerable reasons behind the growing popularity of Egyptian cotton sheets. To enjoy a perfect sleeping time, one must consider buying these Egyptian cotton sheets at least once in their lifetime. 

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