Bamboo Rayon Sheets as Environment Friendly Sleep Fabrics

Bamboo sheets are very comfortable pieces of bed linen that can be found at royalty homes. Most top sellers claim that customers are not able to return to cotton sheets after using these. Despite being a luxury, it is one that a lot of people can actually afford. Bamboo rayon sheets act as an excellent upgrade for a lot of beds in the world. In addition to being buttery smooth, they are also healthy to use.  

What are They Made of?

Bamboo rayon sheets are primarily made from bamboo viscose, which is also the term for ‘bamboo rayon’. Bamboo is grown organically and does not require fertilizers in most cases. Microfibers and bamboo fibers are used for bed sheets, along with pillowcases and fitted sheets as well. The material is hypoallergic and it thereby does not cause allergies to those with sensitive skin. Invariably, every sleep session will be a comfortable one.  

Bamboo Fabrics as Environment Friendly

Production practices which don’t extract cellulose are used to make bamboo fabric of excellent quality. Natural enzymes are used on crushed bamboo fibers, and these fibers are then woven into yarns. Bamboo fabrics made through this method are environment friendly, with the final textile being long lasting and strong.   

Spotting Great Quality Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Although their benefits are already known, there are many buyers who have a difficult time separating a poor quality bamboo sheet from a good quality one. All of these sheets are not created equal. Knowledge of material and weave helps know the quality, as seen below:

  1. Material– Types of materials for bamboo fabrics are 100% bamboo lyocell and 100% bamboo viscose. Lyocell is made by dissolving raw bamboo into non-toxic solvent. Although durable, these are less soft when compared to 100% bamboo viscose sheets. Viscose sheets are both durable and soft. However, it must be ensured that effluent treatment protocols are being used for these sheets. Additionally, bamboo blended with cotton is also available here. A specific blend ratio is followed to obtain the best benefits of both materials.
  2. Weave– Great quality sheets are separated from the poor ones by checking the weave of fabric here. It determines the overall look and feel of the fabric. Common weaves present in the market are bamboo twill and bamboo sateen. Bamboo twill is always short, very fine, and tight. However, it is not as soft as bamboo sateen, which can be used to make smooth, lustrous and high thread count bamboo bedding fabrics with thick textures. Those who love soft textures should make it a point to choose bamboo sateen.    

Directions for washing

Despite the fabric seeming complex, the best part is that Egyptian Cotton sheets can be easily machine washed. The only form of care that needs to be taken is that detergents free from bleach must be used at all times. Bleach will not be able to preserve the fabric since cotton fibers receive wear and tear over time. Fabric softeners must also not be used.

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