Why should you invest in 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedsheet

Why should you invest in 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedsheet?

Everyone deserves a 5-star slumber! After a tiresome day, all you want to do is flop into the bed and catch a happy snooze. But the kind of mattress you choose and the bedsheet you put on it really affects the quality of your sleep.

What if we tell you that the best kind of bedsheet is the 100% Egyptian cotton bedsheet? It’s warm, fuzzy, comforting, and everything your heart desires. You can order Split King Egyptian cotton sheets online, but before that we would love to share why you should invest in them!

Dive right in to find out why they’re the best!

Not all cotton is created equally

The cotton sheets you buy from the market aren’t all the same. You can’t go wrong with a 100% cotton fabric sheet. There are many sheets that aren’t fully cotton, so it is best to buy the one that is purely made of cotton. 100% Egyptian cotton sheets are the real deal.

Egyptian cotton sheets are made with ELS cotton. ELS cotton refers to extra staple cotton. It comes from a tropical plant that gives you silky and smooth cotton.

The Perks of Getting 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The regular cotton used for making sheets and the Egyptian cotton are quite different feel-wise. Egyptian cotton is silkier, smoother, and stronger than regular cotton.

The thread count is higher and the sheets are stronger because of the tightly woven fabric.

Egyptian cotton is porous and absorbent – you can get any color of your choice. Pick the colors of the rainbow or anything you desire.

Lint is a problem in most of the bedsheets, but not with Egyptian sheets. 100% Egyptian sheets produce less pilling and lint than other bedsheets. Moreover, it absorbs moisture so you sleep peacefully without any disturbance.

The best part about Egyptian sheets is they get better with time. Just like wine tastes better when it starts aging, Egyptian cotton also feels and looks good when it ages.

It will need a few  washes to break into an Egyptian bed sheet. Once you have settled in, the sheet will become your favorite.

Nothing Feels Better than Egyptian Cotton Sheets

You can’t love someone half-heartedly, right? Similarly, you should not buy bed sheets that are 50% cotton.

There are manufacturers who make 50% cotton sheets. They are usually slippery and end up getting itchy and uncomfortable soon. Sleep is very important – it helps you lose weight, have a happy start to the day, and also punches in a good dosage of energy in your body.

100% Egyptian cotton sheets are the best for many reasons. If you are planning to transform your home space, get solid Egyptian cotton sheets. They look very classy and chic.

In case you want a 5-star snooze, focus on getting 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. 8 hours of sleep is crucial for a healthy and happy life. Egyptian cotton sheets are the answer. You can’t get something better than this for sure!

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