Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets

Why Should You Buy Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets? 3 Reasons Why

When shopping for new bed sheets, you may wonder why you should buy Egyptian cotton. The main difference between Egyptian cotton and other types is that Egyptian cotton is typically extra-breathable. It’s also important to look at the sheets’ thread count and weave style. And, of course, the specific materials used.

Looking for deep pocket queen size sheets? Look no further than Egyptian cotton bedsheets. This type of material is a unique blend of cotton fabric and weave. Because of Egyptian cotton sheets’ soft and smooth feel, they’re an excellent choice for hot and cold sleepers alike. They are comfortable and durable, and you can use them for many years to come. A good quality Egyptian cotton sheet set is ultimate softness and durability. Be sure to check the label of your new sheet set! Also, check the thread count before purchasing a set, as you don’t want to risk buying a low-quality set.

Why are Egyptian cotton sheets popular?

There are many reasons to buy Egyptian cotton bedsheets. Typically, higher thread counts mean a better-quality sheet. While regular cotton bed sheets have a thread count of 120 to 180 per square inch, Egyptian cotton sheets can have a thread count of 500 or more. These high thread counts produce a silkier fabric than regular cotton sheets. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, then Egyptian cotton bed sheets will be a significant investment.


If you’re looking for the ultimate softness in deep pocket queen size sheets, you should opt for Egyptian cotton sheets. These are known for their high thread count, smooth feel, and durability. They have similar softness and texture but are much more affordable. Nevertheless, you’ll still get the same quality feel and softness from Egyptian cotton sheets.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton is durability. While there are many advantages to using Egyptian cotton bed sheets, some people are skeptical about their durability. You can do a few things to ensure your sheets are durable. Egyptian cotton bed sheets should be washed separately from other bedding so that they do not lose their color. You can also purchase warranty coverage, if necessary, although the warranty will be limited to five years.


While Egyptian cotton bedsheets are expensive, their luxurious feel will have you wishing that you had an extra-long swatch of Egyptian cotton to lay on. This extra-long fiber creates a finer yarn and is more durable than regular cotton. It will retain its softness even after many wash cycles. There are many benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets.

Final Take

Buying Egyptian cotton bedsheets is an investment that will pay off for years. The sheets will last for many years, allowing you to reinvest in them whenever needed. Regular cotton fibers are short and not long enough to make a yarn, so the spinning process is interrupted by shorter fibers. On the other hand, Egyptian cotton fibers are long and have much more usable fiber, which means less joining of fibers during the production process. Call 1-800-674-5735 for more information!

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