Egyptian Cotton- Best Fabric for Bed Sheets

Tuck into high-quality split king Egyptian cotton sheets for getting a pleasant night’s sleep. Contrary to what most people think, these are not very expensive. Egyptian Cotton sheets King size ensure very comfortable sleep and are available across different thread counts such as 300, 600, and 1000. High thread counts are responsible for excellent comfort on these sheets. Furthermore, stains can be readily concealed on them.

High Quality of Fiber

The fiber of any cotton sheet determines its quality, and Egyptian cotton sheets in King size are head and shoulders above the others in this regard. Egyptian cotton fibers are spun into ultra fine threads, which are then utilized to make high-quality textiles for sheets. Our Egyptian cotton bed sheets have a naturally silky soft feel that is breathable and allows for good cooling throughout the hot months.

Avoid Using Low-Cost Blends

The best companies will only provide 100% cotton fabrics for these sheets, although there are many other websites that sell blends in the garb of Egyptian cotton. Even though the other material is only a small percentage of the total, it will affect the quality of the Egyptian cotton sheets with a 600 thread count. Always remember to obtain 100% Egyptian linen sheets for the real stuff that lasts for years on end.

Egyptian cotton sheets for King-size beds are generally offered in sets. For optimal comfort and elegance, choose from a large selection of split King sheets. With the help of these exquisite Egyptian cotton sheets, it is possible to transform a bedroom into a 5-star hotel suite.

Unique Qualities of Egyptian Cotton

1) As Egyptian cotton fibers are hand-picked, they are long and straight. Hand-picking ensures the least amount of stress.

2) Low stress ensures that these fibers are used to make very fine yarns without sacrificing length.

3) Egyptian cotton is stronger and softer than conventional cotton, resulting in a beautiful finish that is highly consistent. As a result, fabric created of it is extremely versatile.

4) As mentioned above, the thread count is higher here because the yarns are finer than conventional cotton, justifying the increased price. It also has stronger weaving that makes it more durable than conventional cotton.

5) Bed sheets with a high thread count are always softer, enabling people to sleep better

6) Egyptian cotton is able to absorb sweat during sleep

7) The sheets are hypoallergic, which means people with allergies are safe. Excellent designs are able to ward off all kinds of allergens and dust mites, thereby ensuring a fresh morning.

8) Customer service for company selling these sheets is always of the highest level     

9) Individuals can use Egyptian cotton sheets for the summers as well as the winters

Washing instructions

Egyptian cotton sheets, in general, can be washed in the machine. However, it is important to use only bleach-free detergents. Do not attempt to preserve the fabric using bleach, as cotton fibers tend to break down with time, resulting in wear and tear. Additionally, it is also necessary to avoid the use of fabric softeners.

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