Top 7 Facts About Queen Goose Down Comforter You Didn’t Know Earlier

The wonderful thing about a queen goose down comforter is that it can provide you with the warmth and comfort you need without having to worry too much. First, it’s made with 100% ethically sourced goose feathers and hypoallergenic cotton fabric for allergy sufferers. Second, the fill power of these pillows ranges between 800 – 1200 cubic inches per ounce, which means they’re super fluffy. 

Queen gooses down comforters are legendary for their softness and cozy feel. The benefits include: double the insulation power, will keep you warm during winters and cools during summers due to its unique filling material (premium waterfowl feather), spreads evenly throughout your whole body while asleep. In addition, the comforter cover is made up of 100% Egyptian cotton that helps you calm down and make you sleep better. 

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