7 Reasons To Buy Egyptian Cotton Sheets


7 Reasons To Buy Egyptian Cotton Sheets When it comes to buying quality sheets, it’s all about the fiber. Egyptian cotton sheets are considered to be the best because of their thread count, strength, and softness. When properly cared for, these cotton sheets will last longer than other sheets. The tight weave of fibers creates sheets that are designed to last, as long as they are maintained properly.  

The airflow through the sheets allows you to rest coolly and comfortably throughout the night when sleeping on your Egyptian cotton sheets. Another amazing fact about these cotton sheets is that they need no ironing. These sheets also have high absorbency and can easily dye in various colors. Of all cotton fibers, these cotton fibers are the longest. This is good for making sheets as the longer fibers are combined to create an extremely fine yarn that is simply softer and has more luster than ordinary cotton fibers. 

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