Split king Egyptian cotton sheets

Three Things To Remember While Buying Split King Egyptian Cotton Sheets

A majority of us choose cotton as one of the most preferable fabrics known to us. For almost every essential item be it clothes, bed sheets, or anything we prefer cotton above all. If you’re always keen on buying products made of cotton, you must have heard of the king of cottons, right? Well, this Egyptian cotton, or king of the cotton is the finest and premium quality cotton all across the globe. The reason why it’s different from the regular cotton products is its thread count. The inexpensive bedding items generally have a thread count of 120-180 whereas the Egyptian sheets have a thread count of 400-1500. It means users will enjoy the utmost comfort and durability while using these split king Egyptian cotton sheets. 

How Egyptian Cotton is Made?
Well, the Egyptian cotton fabric is made from the Gossypium barbadense plant which is also used to produce Pima cotton. But, the climate in Egypt remains in such a way that helps to produce the longer fibers in this cotton. The longer the fiber is the higher the thread number can be. That’s the reason why this cotton can be woven into premium quality fabric due to its long fibers. Mostly this cotton is used to make bedding items and towels. However, you should be careful while buying split king Egyptian cotton sheets because not everyone can deliver the premium quality it provides. So, let’s take a look at the things that you need to consider while buying these Egyptian cotton items. 

1.Check The Length Of The Fiber
Prior to buying an Egyptian cotton sheet, you should check the length of the cotton staples. It is also known as the length of the cotton fibers. Due to the climate condition in Egypt, naturally, the cotton fibers have the longest length that further helps to maintain the higher thread count. But, this doesn’t mean that all Egyptian cotton has the extra-long staple. So, you should be careful while purchasing them. 

2.Check The Thread Count
Thread count indicates the quality of the bed sheet. Generally, the longer the cotton staple is, the higher the thread count remains. Egyptian cotton is known for its higher thread counts than regular cotton. Due to its higher thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets always provide the longest durability if maintained properly. But, you should check the thread count on your own to ensure you’re getting the pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets, not the fake ones. 

3.Set A Budget
Generally, Egyptian cotton sheets are more expensive than regular cotton sheets. It’s also justified since it’s providing you with matchless qualities. The cost also depends on the type of sheets you’re buying. The single-ply sheet offers the best quality since the fibers can’t be twisted to create long threads. The longer cotton staple is naturally produced in the single-ply sheet which further hikes up the cost. So, you should set a budget prior to looking for an Egyptian cotton bed sheet.

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