Egyptian Cotton is Best For 1000 Thread Count Queen Sheets

Cotton sheets are recognized by fiber and thread count, and the best material for them is Egyptian cotton.  Egyptian cotton fibers are long, and are spun into extra fine threads for preparing high quality sheet fabrics. In fact, 1000 thread count Queen Sheets have softer silky textures and are more comfortable than the other materials. Not only are these sheets warm during winter, but they also remain cool in the summers due to the breathable fabric.

Be aware about cotton blends

Pure Egyptian cotton is the most comfortable material for fabric. However, there are a number of company websites which sell various blends of Egyptian cotton. You can never be sure what materials and what percentage of them are being used in the final fabric, so it is best to avoid blends completely. Only 100% pure Egyptian cotton will be able to give 1000 thread count Queen Sheets all their properties.  

Directions for washing

In general, you will find that Egyptian cotton sheets can be machine washed. However, care must be taken is using only detergents that are free from bleach. Do not try to use bleach to preserve the fabric, as cotton fibers usually break down and result in wear and tear over time. Additionally, you must also not make use of fabric softeners.

Special properties of Egyptian cotton

  1. Egyptian cotton fibers are long and straight as they are hand-picked. Hand picking ensure minimum stress
  2. Due to low stress, one can use these fibers to create very fine yarns that do not sacrifice length
  3. Egyptian cotton is stronger and softer than regular cotton, which gives it a highly consistent and fine finish. As a result, fabric made from it is very flexible.
  4. Since its yarns are finer than regular cotton, the thread count is higher here, thereby justifying the higher cost. Its weaves are also stronger, due to which it is more durable than regular cotton.
  5. Due to high thread count, bed sheets will always be softer. Since it is more porous than regular cotton, you are bound to sleep better at night
  6. Egyptian cotton is able to absorb your sweat while you sleep, which prevents you from feeling gross when you wake up

Most materials that are used to prepare bed sheets feel soft only after a few weeks of sleeping on them and after the first wash. On the other hand, you will find Egyptian cotton sheets to be very soft as soon as you remove them from the package. Its mere arrival is enough to excite most people.

The cost is worth it

Now you may be in a quandary while trying to decide whether to purchase Egyptian cotton King/Queen sheets or not. First of all, they are available in a variety of sizes, as per your bed. Secondly, it’s high resistance to wear will make it last many years. Lastly, you spend about a third of life while sleeping, so why not consider spending well on the same? After all, it is the best means of absorbing life’s pressures from you, literally and figuratively.

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