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What is Egyptian Cotton and What is the Hype About Egyptian Cotton Linen Sheets?

Egyptian cotton bed sheets have been recognized as one of the best ones for many years due to their softness and durThey have been in global demand since they were first developed. Many people look to buy Egyptian cotton sheet sets since they are a symbol of luxury and taste.

Authentic Egyptian cotton comes from a cotton plant called Gossypium barbadense. It thrives along the Nile River in Egypt since the soil there has a chemical composition that offers optimum growing conditions for cotton along with a hot climate and abundance of water.

When you buy an Egyptian cotton sheet set, remember that the origin of the cotton makes a significant difference in the quality of the yarn. Hence, the yarn from this authentic Egyptian cotton creates a better quality cotton fabric that does not produce much lint. Hence, the bedsheets are much less likely to pill even after multiple washes. However, Gossypium barbadense can also be found and cultivated in other countries, like India, the United States, and Peru. In fact, Egypt is not the world leader in Egyptian cotton production.

This cotton is handpicked and thus has extra-long-staple cotton natural fibers that result in softer and more durable cotton products since handpicking the extra-long staple cotton fibers keeps them straight and stops them from breaking. These long and straight fibers are the key to the softness of the cotton sheets. These fibers are then spun into strong and consistent yards, which are weaved into smooth Egyptian cotton sheets.

How to Identify Authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Authentic Egyptian cotton linen sheets can be identified by a logo on the packaging that depicts a black triangle, which indicates that the raw material has been grown in a region with rich soil.

What is the Difference Between Regular and Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

  • Sleep Quality: this is one of the main differences between regular and Egyptian cotton sheets. The comfort and feeling the materials offer are unmatchable. Also, Egyptian cotton sheets are lighter in weight and softer than regular cotton, which does not breathe or keep you cool as effectively.
  • Longevity: Egyptian cotton sheets last much longer than regular cotton bedding due to their higher thread count. Regular cotton does not have the same strength as Egyptian cotton, which means it will break down quickly, thus forcing you to buy a replacement. Though more expensive, Egyptian cotton sheets are worth the investment.
  • Fabric Dying: in terms of fabric dying, there is not much difference between the two since both can be easily dyed, and one can choose from the full spectrum of colors and patterns.
  • Washing and Care: the washing routines of regular cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets are almost similar. However, regular cotton sheets start to wrinkle with frequent washing, while Egyptian threads can hold up and keep their original form.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets are the Best

Egyptian cotton bedding can guarantee a good night’s sleep for you and your family. Its weave exhibits long and silky fibers, thus making it a luxuriously comfortable and long-lasting potion.

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