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The Difference Between Percale and Egyptian Cotton: Let’s Find Out

The world of materials can be a bit confusing, especially when purchasing bed covers. When you buy sheets – you come across many terms that may confuse you. For example, you wonder what percale is and whether it is better than Egyptian cotton. Hold it right there! We are going to reveal the difference between Egyptian cotton and Percale sheets.

Cotton percale king sheets are becoming quite famous these days, so go ahead and buy them, but first read this quick post we have for you!

What is Percale, anyway?

Percale is a King of weave. The threads or the yarns form an interesting grid-like pattern. It goes one under and one over.

The threads in this weave are woven together in a tight fit, so you get a good and crisp finishing.

Percale fabric is used for making many bedding sets. They can have different materials, such as bamboo, rayon, and polyester. But the most popular one is 100% cotton.

Percale is a classic and crisp bedding set option as compared to sateen. Sateen is another form of the weave pattern. While sateen has a shiny finish, percale has a matte finish. Both are smooth!

Percale sheets make you feel floaty and lighter. They are a great choice for people who like breathability.

What is the Difference Between Egyptian Cotton and Percale?

Drum rolls, please! We want to reveal something very important here. Egyptian cotton is a kind of cotton that grows along the path of the famous River Nile. This type of cotton can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The thread count is also quite high; you get the finest and softest sheets with this cotton.

So, that’s why specific Egyptian cotton can only be made from cotton found along the River Nile. Percale is a weave that uses different materials such as 100% cotton, rayon, etc. The difference is that Egyptian cotton is a material, and the other is a style of weaving which makes the material quite strong.

Egyptian cotton bed sheets can also be made with Percale weave to become strong. And that’s the real difference!

Where To Purchase Percale Sheets From?

Do a bit of research when purchasing Percale sheets. Read the product description, find the best supplier/manufacturer of the sheets, read the reviews and check the ratings. You will know where to buy the best Percale sheets from. It’s a special weave, so you have to be careful where you buy it from. Only legit stores have this weave, and they don’t hide any details.

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