Different luxuries of an Egyptian bedsheet.

Egyptian cotton sheets are frequently regarded as the pinnacle of luxury. They are highly valued for their exceptional softness, durability, and breathability. Egyptian cotton sheets have a distinct feel due to their unique qualities of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton contains extra-long staples, which implies that each fiber is extremely long.

To be termed 100% Egyptian, the cotton should be purchased only from Egypt through dealers of Cotton Egypt Association accreditation. Some sheet sets feature a combination of Egyptian cotton and other cotton kinds yet are marketed simply as “Egyptian cotton.” These products are often substantially less expensive than king size Egyptian cotton bed sheets price.

Each piece in the set is made of Giza cotton grown in the Nile River Valley. This long-staple type is known for its inherent breathability, and extremely soft hand feel. A 700 thread count and sateen weave emphasize these characteristics, resulting in sheets that drape close to the body without trapping heat.

The Cotton Egypt Association has certified the sheet set, so purchasers know they’re getting pure Egyptian cotton rather than a costly fabric combination. Provide four distinct patterns for the collecting. On both pillowcases, elegant embroidery and envelope closures provide a touch of luxury. A flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases are included with each set.

The fitted sheet has an 18-inch pocket depth, making this set suitable for most modern mattresses. Each component can be machine-washed, but not with bleach, fabric softener, or other harsh laundry chemicals that can harm the cotton fibers.

Each piece in this collection is made from long-staple Egyptian cotton cultivated in fields certified by the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization supporting sustainable agriculture and fair labor practices. Measures are taken to decrease emissions and restrict wastewater discharge at every stage of the supply chain.

A sateen weave brings out the material’s naturally soft hand-feel, resulting in sheets that drape close to the body, yet a 300 thread count keeps them lightweight and breathable during warmer months. You may select from five distinct neutral color schemes, all of which will complement most bedroom decors.

The pocket depth of the fitted sheet makes the set suitable for any mattress up to 15 inches thick. Depending on the size, a standard set comprises a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and one to two pillowcases. You may also choose a matching solo duvet cover or a pillowcase set to match your current sheets.

A fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases are included in the core package. Customers who want to add a duvet and extra pillowcases should select the hardcore package, while those who require a fitted sheet and pillowcases should select the beginner set. The fitted sheet can suit mattresses up to 15 inches thick, and short and long labels make it easier to make the bed. To prevent movement and spills, each pillowcase includes an envelope closure. Customers can also mix and match different sizes and colors with bespoke sets.

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