Five Benefits of Buying a Down Comforter

Buying a down comforter can be a good idea if you want to keep the temperature of your room cozy, but there are many things to consider before buying one. Several benefits of down comforters include being breathable, preventing dust mites from entering your bedroom, and being environmentally friendly.

While down is a popular fill for down comforters, there are a few other factors to consider when buying a lightweight down comforter in US. Down is incredibly lightweight and can be expensive, depending on where it comes from. The most expensive down comforters contain pure white goose down, while more affordable down comforters include a combination of down and feathers. Cotton is another great option for filling a comforter, and it feels great against the skin. Although it is not as durable as down, it can be an excellent choice for some.

They Provide Good Insulation

Down is incredibly insulating, so you don’t need to worry about overheating your bed. You can choose a comforter with a lower fill power if you’re prone to hot periods of sleep. You can also opt for a comforter with a higher fill power if you live in a warmer climate or are constantly getting cold.

They Are Breathable

Down is also much more breathable than synthetic materials. This allows moisture vapor to escape, resulting in a more comfortable night’s sleep. The breathable nature of down also prevents dust mites from building up, providing a healthier sleeping environment for allergies sufferers. Another benefit of down is its lightweight nature. Unlike synthetic pillows, down wraps around the head and neck, resting lightly over the body.

They Trap Dust Mites

Down comforters trap dust mites in their down-filled chambers. Down is a combination of feathers from various bird species, and like wool, it has a naturally insulating effect but is not as heavy as wool. It also traps perspiration, providing the perfect humid environment for dust mites to reproduce. Dust mites feed on human sweat and feed on other human allergens, making down comforters a hotbed for these organisms. In addition, the airways in your bed are positioned near the comforter, which places you and your family at risk for allergies.

They Are Environmentally-Friendly

Down comforters are an excellent way to stay cozy on those cold winter nights without contributing to global warming. Made from natural, biodegradable materials, down is warm, fluffy, and retains its softness night after night, year after year. Down products are 100% biodegradable, and they do not harm the environment.

They Can Last Up to 15 Years

Choosing a lightweight down comforter in US is not as hard as you might think. The type of down used and the fill power will determine how long the comforter will last. You can also check the construction of the shell and the stitching used to keep the fill in place. The quality of a down comforter will be reflected in its warranty and extended warranty coverage. You should also check the supply chain for down comforters.

Final Take

Washing your down comforter too often can wear down the fiber content and shorten its lifespan. If you have children or pets, you should avoid putting any weight on them. You should also avoid compressing and vacuum-sealing it, as it adds friction and reduces life expectancy. Call 1-800-674-5735 for more information about lightweight down comforters.

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