5 Bed Sheet Colors for a Better Night’s Sleep

When it comes to bed sheets, they come in various colors. Cotton bed sheets, for example, come in various different hues that showcase a beautiful threaded texture in their own ways while also blending in with other bedroom decor and themes. Decoration may be one thing, but can certain colors help improve your sleeping experience?

Despite it being night time and everything being dark with the lights out, color plays a strong psychological role in the mind. The color of bedsheets can play a factor in the quality of your sleep, so choosing a less favorable color choice for your Egyptian bed sheet could result in a deficiency in sleeping, as you’re still tired once the morning alarm goes off.

Here are colors to consider for your next set of bed sheets should you be looking for a better night’s sleep.


The most common color for bed sheets, white is the color of cleanliness and purity. If you have a colorful room, you might be having cluttered, congested feelings that make it hard for you to get a sound sleep. White is also a crucial color to balance out darker colors in your room for a nice contrast. Having a sheet with color might not be helping matters, so opt for a white sheet instead that helps your mind process better.


Light brown colors like tan, cream, beige and the like are neutral. Similar to white but with a more natural look, tan is easy on the eyes and isn’t as bright, so you can doze off as quickly as you’d like. Tan also offers all the positive aspects of brown. Brown is also the color of comfort, so with tan sheets, your brain will be sure to relax as you try staying asleep.


One of multiple shades of blue can give you a positive feeling when trying to fall asleep to give you a calm, quiet feeling. Resembling the night’s sky, dark and navy blues can help you relax, allowing your mind to calm down for the night. You can also opt for a light blue shade for an appearance that’s cheerier, reminding you of clear daytime skies.


Despite the energy that comes with yellow, having yellow bed sheets can result in an improved nervous system. If you often go to sleep with trouble on your mind, yellow has a unique way of stimulating your nervous system so anxiety and other psychological symptoms are suppressed. And of course, yellow is capable of giving you a more positive mood overall, so waking up to yellow sheets can be the right way to start your day.


Orange may sound like another unusual color option for bed sheets, however, they make this list for a few unique reasons. Though orange is close to red on the color spectrum, users that enjoy orange bedsheets express how they can give off feelings of sunrises and sunsets. When incorporated with natural colors and elements, orange can also appear more tame to help turn your room into a place that’s stable and reassuring enough for your mind to go to rest. The final reason being that orange is a great color for fighting indigestion, so those that have problems with their digestive system can sleep peacefully in orange.


Color plays a big role in how your mind functions while you go to sleep at night. Consider the right color for your bed sheets to not only tie your bedroom together, but to improve the quality of your sleep and keep yourself from waking up in the middle of the night.

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