What are Down Comforter and What are Their Advantages?

A down comforter is a bed covering or a duvet that is stuffed with down feathers. These soft and light feathers hold heat effectively to keep you warm on cool nights, and rows of stitching or quilting grasp the feathers in their place. 

Moreover, down comforters come in various options; and the twin down comforter is the most popular among them all. Also, the filling kind ranges from standard down to exclusive white goose down. However, warmer comforters feature thicker fill levels and a higher loft. If you are unable to find a warmth rating, then you can look for the fill power. Because a high fill-power rating shows more warmth; a comforter with a 650 fill-power rating is warmer than one with a 500 fill-power rating. 

Additionally, the exterior fabric of a comforter can range from cotton or polyester to silk and sateen.

To lay things out in a simple way, here are the top reasons why you need to invest in the best down comforter you have ever laid your hands on:

1. Eco-friendly

The down industries have become a global aspect in a short period of time. And how did it happen? The answer is because it is all down to the material itself. As down is a natural, environmentally-friendly fiber that does an efficient job of keeping you warm and protecting heat. All by-products from down processing are biodegradable and the output itself is naturally befallen and compostable. Also, in contrast to other filling materials, the down has a lower carbon footprint.

In addition, high-quality downs go through a precise cleaning procedure, which makes sure that the down is hypoallergenic. As a matter of fact, genuine allergies to down and feathers are remarkably rare.

2. Breathability

For some people, night sweats can begin suddenly and unexpectedly. It might not be obvious in winter, but when it comes to summer, getting too hot at night can be really tiring work. So, the ideal way to keep your body temperature at a healthy level is by getting a breathable, soft twin-down blanket for yourself. 

Many comforters on the market are created to keep heat, sweat and moisture contained, putting you in an uncomfortable position and suffering from a humid and hot environment all night, which is the last thing anybody wants, especially while sleeping at night. However, the breathability of down material makes sure that your skin can breathe easily and wick away the moisture and perspiration from your body while keeping the body dry and warm. And this certainly guarantees a good night’s sleep, all year long.

3. Durability

A down comforter is pretty easy to maintain and can last up to 15 years with care. The ideal way to keep the comforter in its best shape is to air it regularly and have it dry-cleaned occasionally. Not to mention, if you take care of your down comforter, then your down comforter will take care of you for years on end, and can be fluffed up many times, back to its flexible, soft, and durable form.

So, what are you waiting for? No time is a better time than now, so it is time for you to purchase a down comforter for yourself and get a good night’s sleep. For any down comforter-related inquiry, please call 1-800-674-5735.

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